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Spring comes early to Samsara

What a surprise I had to see a single rose blooming at this time of the year, even though it has been so cold. A perfect double, cream with a slightly darker centre and a most delicate perfume. I think it is one of the old-fashioned varieties. I was delighted to see it and it lasted in a specimen vase for almost a week.

Speaking of perfume, some of our gardenias are beginning to flower. I can’t resist picking one or two to fill the house with their sweet scent. We have several types of Gardenia bushes, so we have flowers for quite a while from now when the early type flowers right through until summer.

Another eye-catching flower is the Tibouchina. Some are flowering already with that rich purple, others have yet to show their glory. We also have more recently developed hybrid Tibouchina bushes which always sport showy large white flowers.

Here at Samsara Farm we are never without flowers. We love putting together arrangements in the studio to welcome our guests. Sometimes we need to apologise to the bees before we take them away. They especially love our native grevilleas! Colourful foliage like the red tips of new growth lilly pilly also make for a beautiful arrangement.

If you come to stay with us, we’re happy to share our basket, secateurs, wire, jars or vases for you to make your own floral arrangements. Or better still, sit and admire them in place, so the bees can keep enjoying them too.

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